Overall info

ZWERM is a city intervention that uses a mobilization system to reach the goal of consolidating and activating social capital. By interacting with ZWERM, people should get to know each other and undertake action together that is beneficial for the collective. It is through these actions that self-organization can be supported.

The ZWERM city intervention took place in two neigborhoods (called ‘Papegaai’ and ‘Ekkergem’) in the city of Ghent in Belgium. The ZWERM concept was developed in collaboration with multiple stakeholders including personnel from the City of Ghent and city’s inhabitants. More than 250 people from the selected neighborhoods ‘Papegaai’ and ‘Ekkergem’ actively participated in ZWERM. Preliminary evaluation results show that ZWERM was greatly appreciated by the players. More than 80% of the players stated that ZWERM helped them to get to know the people in their neighborhood better, while more than 75% stated that ZWERM induced a sense of community and improved neighborhood cohesion.
These were the main components of ZWERM:

You are currently browsing the ZWERM server, of which the code is available on GitHub.

Zwerm project - iLab.o from iMinds on Vimeo.